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Our Volunteers are Heroes to Camp!

Their generosity with time, talent & treasures helps us keep camp safe and looking beautiful for our campers and guests.

We are thankful for the volunteers who help us in the office, teach classes, serve as "Ministers-in-Residence" (MIRs), participate in work day projects, maintain trails, and adopt pieces of camp.

Please contact camp at (865) 448-2246 if you are feel called to serve the camp's ministry in a volunteer capacity.

Work Day Projects

The Camp Wesley Woods Work Day Program brings churches and groups to camp to focus on projects that improve the safety, cleanliness, and the overall look of camp. 

We schedule work days each month with interested churches and groups.

We ask others to prayerfully consider bringing a group to help us continue this process.

Specific Projects include but are not limited to:

  • Weekly mowering & landscaping
  • Clear natural debris from camp and tree service
  • Remodel bathrooms in Tipton
  • Trail maintenance
  • Trail bridge rebuilding
  • Repair roof on craft cabin
  • Landscaping the courtyard
  • Road maintenance and repair
  • Tree removal (especially dead and dying trees)
  • Install metal roofing on cabins
  • Remodel Tipton walls and floors
  • Building Picnic Tables
  • Log Splitting

For more information on our "Work Day Program" for groups, or to express interest in volunteering, please contact Tony at director@campwesleywoods.com or call (865) 448-2246.

Adopt a Piece of Camp

As a part of our "Adopt a Piece of Camp" program, our church partners have the opportunity to adopt cabins, trails, program areas, flower beds or some other part of camp. When you adopt, you commit to keeping that area clean, safe and functional.



Adoption Opportunities:


Rooms in Nickle Lodge

Arts & Craft Building


Campfire Circle

Athletic Field

Rec Area

The Pavilion

Pool Area



Broadway UMC, UMM: Tipton Lodge Porch          Concord UMC: "Eagle Cabin" & "Bramwell House"

Sweetwater UMC:"Bear Cabin"

For more detailed information on our "Adopt a Piece of Camp" programs please contact Tony at director@campwesleywoods.com call (865) 448-2246 or download this document.