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 We offer different lodging options to meet the needs of your group. All of our housing is rooms and building with bunk beds. 
For more information about our lodging and facilities click here. 
Nickle Lodge
  • Sleeps 60 people
  • Common Room
  • Bathrooms in Building
  • Small kitchen - (Has coffee maker, fridge, sink, oven, stove, and microwave.)
  • 5 bedrooms upstairs and 2 small bedrooms downstairs
  • 2 cabin villages
  • Each village has its own bathhouse with toilets and warm showers
  • 11 cabins total 
  • Most cabins sleep 14 (1 sleeps 10 and 1 sleeps 12)
  • All have heat and air

Food Service

Food service unavailable during 2022. Call our office at (865) 448-2246 or email office@campwesleywoods.com to discuss options.

  • Our kitchen manager works hard to ensure that all meals are nutritious and delicious. 
  • There is a salad bar option at each lunch and dinner, and fresh fruit is available at all meals. 
  • Our meals are served family style so each person has the opportunity to try new things and have more of favorite items. We believe family style meals help to establish and sense of community and conversation throughout the meal. 
  • Kitchen staff is skilled in providing for special diets, such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy free or gluten-free, and will work with you to make sure your group receives healthy and filling food while they are with us. 
  • If anyone in your group requires a special diet, please be sure to us know well in advance so that we can be prepared with special items.