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 Adventure Education

 Adventure Education asks students to step outside of their "comfort zone" to learn more about who they are and how they interact with others. While done in an environment that focuses on safety, the challenges presented by adventure activities create opportunities to explore issues of trust, overcoming fear, self-confidence, and teamwork.
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All adventure education activities require at least 3 hours to complete successfully.
Visit a wild cave to learn about these unique habitats.  Get filthy crawling through small opening and see beautiful underground rock formations.  This program is off-site and requires an entire day.
Challenge Course
Group initiative activities involving safe but challenging problem-solving. Excellent as a cooperation and trust builder within small groups.  Discussion emphasizes communication, leadership, and living in a community.
Climbing Wall/Tower 
Students learn the fundamentals of climbing and experience the thrill of reaching the top. 6th grade and up will be able to incorporate the rappelling tower also.  Students will be belayed with harnesses and ropes during this activity.
Flat Water and River Canoeing
A chance to learn boating safety while experiencing the beauty of an East Tennessee River. Where this trip is taken depends on water levels in the river and availability is limited in cold weather or high water. 
High Ropes Course 
This complex of multiple elements accommodates various ages and goals.  As we discuss your goals for your trip, our staff will design just the right experience for your students to push individual comfort zones and work together as a team - all while having fun. Harness and helmet will be worn while doing this activity and students will be belayed on ropes.
Waterfall Rappel
An opportunity for students to experience the fundamentals of rappelling on a real rock face.  Harness and helmet will be worn while doing this activity and students will be belayed on ropes.
Swimming in the Little River
Take a refreshing dip in the Little River at Wesley Landing.  Shoes with heel straps must be worn.  This program’s availability is limited in cold weather or high water.