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We understand that your retreat is important any that you have essential goals to meet. We offer camp led programs which will enhance or supplement these goals.

Let us know what your intentions are and we can customize a program for you. 

Please note that these activities have an age requirement and require additional fees.  

Activities include: 

Camp has 700+ acres of foothills and valleys to explore. It is the perfect setting from hiking. Wesley Woods has a network of marked hiking trails. We have something for everyone with trails vary in length and difficulty!

Scavenger Hunt 
Go on a tour of camp and have good conversations along the way. We have discussion questons hidden in different location for you and your group to find and discuss. You are provided with a map with the locations marked on it! This activity is great for all ages. 

Archery has tons of options. You can choose this as a recreational activity - just for the fun of it; or if it fits your purpose, we can facilitate a class studying lessons about life and God. 
We provide all needed equipment, and trained staff supervision. 

Canoeing on the Lagoon
We love any chance to get on the water here at camp. Our lagoon is an excellent spot to learn the basics of canoeing. We have trained boating instructors and lifeguards present with this class. 

Challenge Course
The challenge course is a great tool for helping groups explore teamwork, leadership, and communication. The course consists of several challenging problem solving activities. The activities stimulate discussion of important group related issues. No matter how old or young you are, there is always something to learn on the Challenge Course. 

Climbing Tower and Rappel
Come test out this challenge by choice activity. You will have the option to climb up a rock wall and see if you can make it to the top! Then you could have the option to rappel off the back side of the tower. This is a camp favorite activity! Harnesses and helmets will be worn while doing this activity and participants will be belayed on ropes.

Climbing Wall
Currently Unavailable. 

Harness up and get ready to swing about 35 ft in the air. This fun exhilarating experience is one you won't forget. You will be pulled up to a height you are comfortable and on your count you will begin to swing! Harnesses and helmets will be worn while doing this activity.

High Ropes Course
Our Ropes course provides different elements that challenge participants on an individual and group level to step outside of their comfort zones to increase self-confidence, build trust, and learn to overcome obstacles. Each element on this course requires you to work as a group or with a partner. It is great for team-building and leadership!Harnesses and helmets will be worn while doing this activity and participants will be belayed on ropes.

Wesley Woods Rocks (Climbing and Rappelling)
This provides and opportunity to experience climbing and rappelling on a real rock face onsite at Wesley Woods. This activity takes at least a half day. Harnesses and helmets will be worn while doing this activity and participants will be belayed on ropes. 

Paddling on the Little River 
This is an excellent paddle for beginners! Join us as we paddle up the Little River to a swimming hole! The water is calm and you will have the option to canoe or kayak depending on boat availability. 

Paddling on Tellico Lake
Come relax on this flat water paddle and explore a local lake. This paddle is good for all ages! Canoes and kayaks are available for this trip! 

Caving in natural caves
Visit a wild cave and have the chance to learn about these unique habitats. You'll have the chance to crawl through small openings and see beautiful underground rock formations. This program is off-site and requires and entire day. 

Everyone loves the pool. Whether you want to relax on the deck or swim in our 11 foot deep end, the pool is a great place for your group. Oh, and its right next to our camp store!