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Check out a message from Camp Wesley Woods Director, Tony Lea!

Camp Wesley Woods was hit hard by Covid-19. We have been unable to run Summer Camp, Outdoor Education, or Retreats in 2020. Camp Wesley Woods recognized a significant loss of funding. CWW needs to raise significant funds this (2020) calendar year. We know that we can succeed with you standing in the gap! Camp will benefit from any amount that you can donate.  
We've looked all over camp for things that our alumni and friends would like to have as their own. Check out our store for some awesome items and opportunities! The main purpose of this store is to fundraise for CWW. We know these are ridiculously overpriced absurdly expensive items, but all proceeds above cost will go directly to the Together for Tomorrow campaign to help Camp Wesley Woods. Thank you for sticking with Camp Wesley Woods during these difficult times, and thank you for your donation. 
Important Things to Note:
• We know these are ridiculously overpriced, absurdly expensive items... but this is a fundraiser and we're here to raise some funds!
• All stock is limited to what is on hand - and some items are extremely limited.
• All donations made are tax deductible. Yay!
• You will have to create an account to finalize your donation. We are using the same software that we use for Summer Camp Registrations - so please bear with us! You can do this!
• If you run into any issues at all please give Camp Wesley Woods a call at (865) 448-2246, and we would be happy to help you complete your order!
•Visit the fundraiser store here!

Camp Wesley Woods has been a loved ministry since 1959 with dedicated focus on Summer Camp ministry, Outdoor Education, and Retreat ministry.

Nestled in a valley among streams and forests, Camp Wesley Woods is a place of purpose.  

​We invite you to look at these pages to see if we can serve your needs by the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains.

Whatever the reason for your visit, at Wesley Woods you will find the cornerstones that have made this a special place: a focus on serving others, a commitment to excellence, and a passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives.